Yesterday was, apparently, World Mental Health Day. Who knew? Not me, really, until I pulled my head out of the hole it’s been buried in since Monday (i.e. work). Ironic, really, seeing as work can sometimes be the catalyst for some mental health issues. Yet work is the place that makes you so busy you barely talk to another person and can be the loneliest of places. 

Anyway, in my family, mental health issues have not ever been a stigma. Many of my nearest and dearest have suffered with them but we’ve all talked and acknowledged and, most importantly, loved each other through them. And got through them we have – together. 

I’m proud to be a bit mental, to’ve suffered with “mental health issues”, to be from a family where it’s more unusual to be “normal”, whatever that means. It’s made me the person I am today. The person who am learning to love more and more each day – mental health issues and all. 

So let’s all embrace our varied and wonderful mentalness! And continue to try to raise awareness, acceptance and pride of all things mental. After all, “life is tough, darling, but so are you.” 


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