A photo diary of a typical bank holiday Monday in the life of Superlucyj

This morning I had a lie in. Until 9.30! It was fabulous. When I was awoken by the 3yo demanding more Blaze and the Monster Machines I told myself to remember this time next week I’ll back in the classroom, at the start of SATs week, revising maths. “Be grateful,” I whispered to myself. 

Upon descending the stairs into the living room, I was immediately set upon by both girls, demanding everything from chocolate to slime to cuddles. Waking up with kids in the house is like going from 0-60mph in 4 seconds. So, we made slime while I ate my porridge. “Be grateful,” I whispered to myself. Again. 

After the slime I thought I’d have a few moments to myself in the loo. The girls kept me company. “Be grateful,” I whispered through gritted teeth. “Love the moment.”

Then, I after a bout of screaming (by the OH), I decided to go shopping with the 9yo to get us out of the house and attempt to buy myself some holiday clothes. 

The girls kept me company while I got ready and did a few more chores. Stripping the bed. 

Helping, apparently. 

The inevitable tears. 

Don’t forget me mum. 
I’m still grateful. Honest. Loving the moment. 


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