All the things I want to do

I turned 40 the other week. I’d been dreading it all year. For years, if I’m truthful. I now feel officially old and I’m filled with blind panic about all the things that I haven’t done yet and how can I possibly do all of them now I’m 40 and like everything is going to go downhill now, including parts of my body! Aaahhhh!! It’s all quite depressing really.

But (and there’s always a but, thank goodness) I still feel like there’s a lot of life in the old girl yet. I’ve recently become friends with a quite wonderful young lady who has really inspired me in many ways. One of which is to make lists.


As you can see, her lists are A-MAZ-ING. As are her aspirations. As is she.

When you write a list, I think you are actually committing to paper your pledge to get up off your backside and do the things that you’ve written down, and if you don’t cross the things off the list then they are forever there, haunting you, as a reminder of things you haven’t done. So, here’s my list. Now I’ve written it down, I’ll have to do them, won’t I?

  1. Become a writer.
  2. Have a book published.
  3. Live off-grid.
  4. Speak another language in more than a few fractured sentences.
  5. Live in another country.
  6. Take my girls to Colorado.
  7. Have a wonderful garden – full of beautiful and unusual flowers and delicious fruits and vegetables.
  8. Have my own writing shed, with a wood burner.
  9. Drive a rally car.
  10. Handbrake park a car.
  11. Swim 2 miles.
  12. Go to the Maldives and snorkel all day.
  13. Be self-sufficient.
  14. Do a Masters degree.
  15. Go to the Outer Hebrides.
  16. Explore more of London and Kent.
  17. Go to an art class.

And that’s just the start…….




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