Summer of 2016

Dear reader,

Thank you so much for hanging on. I’m afraid I’ve been so very busy and I have my fingers in more pies than I have fingers….but still, here I am…just. Where to begin?

I suppose I should start with my new job title. No longer am I Lucy Husband: Class Teacher, now i am Lucy Husband: Class Teacher and Freelance Writer. I’ve been paid to write. I AM being paid to write, and hope to be paid to write more in the future. I’ve had an article published in Meridian Magazine and there will be another in a few months time. The book club grows from strength to strength. We review our books monthly in The Kent Messenger and I’ve recently (tonight) set up a page detailing all our past, present and future books for people who want to be involved or find a book or see what we are doing (search and like Joydens Wood Book Club on Facebook).

I’ve left my previous teaching post and am starting a new adventure in a new post, one in which I will be involved in the creative writing of a whole school. And I’m to start a school magazine.

I’ve been to Italy and to Broadstairs and back to Italy and to Norfolk. Italy continues to fill my mind and heart and soul with feelings and senses and emotions which I promise myself and you that I will write down one day. England and all her summer beauty too. I’ve been lucky enough to watch England’s summer be born and develop and grow and begin to die from the ground and the air and the smell over the past six weeks. I’ll never tire of our green and pleasant land (although it is distinctly golden as I write).

I’ve swum again in London’s docks and am currently obsessed with our magnificent capital city. So much so I’m planning a book to write set amongst her streets and within her walls.

I’ve been reunited with old friends, who have become new friends, and I am now charged with writing our life stories – from the moment we left each other until we were reunited. We’ve already discussed who will play us all in the Hollywood remake.

I’ve been a mother to my two girls for pretty much six weeks solid, and experienced every emotion which comes with that. I’ve even toyed with the idea of sticking my finger in one more pie and setting up a tired-wired mums type page to chronicle my epic battles with them! But before I could do so, my second born had found the permanent marker again and had drawn on the dog and the first born was attempting to make cakes alone. So, I put that idea on the back burner with all the others.

I hope you, my dear reader, are well and happy and are enjoying life and friends and happiness and wine (not always in that order).

Until next time, dear heart.

Superlucyj xxxx



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