On the eve of my 39th birthday

As the title suggests, I’m getting old. Apparently, I’m middle aged. Halfway through my life. On a downward slope towards death. Oh joy. So, I thought I’d take stock, write a list, give some younguns more advice that they can roll their eyes at and ignore. 

1. Your body will change. Sigh. I’ve never gone in for the body beautiful, I’ve just always taken my beautiful body for granted. It was never pin up; washboard stomach, kardashian arse. But I’ve always been happy. Even with my stretch marks! But I never had liver spots on the back of my hands. Until now. The only upside to this that I can think of is: “well, at least I have hands!”? Got to keep things in perspective, right?

2. Life is hard. Like, ridiculously hard. Like, you-never-will-never-get-a-break-from-the-hardness-again-for-the-rest-of-your-life type hard. All the times I thought life was hard in my 20’s? Ha! I am laughing like a banshee at my younger self! Hahahahaha!”You thought you had it bad!” I mentally scream at my slimmer, lazier, carefreer 20’s self. “You wait.” I fester. 

3. People will be mean. You will never be ready for the meanness. But that’s ok. Never think that being mean back is ok. It never, ever is. Love is the answer. Always. 

4. Love is the answer. Always. Forgive. Forget. Accept. Love. Love. Love. But don’t be a sucker. 

5. Kids are the best thing that will ever happen to you. You will experience love that knows no bounds. But they are the source of the hardness. Be prepared. Buy wine and laugh at as much as you can. 

6. Be nice to yourself. You’re doing ok. 

So, that’ll do for now. I’ve decided that, if I’m still alive in 40 years time, I’ll do an “On the eve of my 79th birthday” blog and compare (my liver spots). 

 Til then, dear reader. 

Superlucyj xxxx 



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