The inagural Joydens Wood Book, Cheese and Wine Club

So, as you know from my last blog, on Tuesday of this week I held the inaugural meeting of my newly formed book club. Our first book was “Where’d You Go Bernadette” by Maria Semple. As you also know I was very excited by this prospect and when I get over excited one of two this usually happen. Either:

a) I get really drunk and find speaking coherently a challenge and then make a hash of things and then pass out and forget everything;


b) I over plan and set myself ridiculously high expectations that in no way can I meet.

Well, I’m pleased to report that it wasn’t a….

I’d told everyone to arrive at my house at 7.30pm for an 8pm start. Everyone was to bring the book, a hunk of cheese or some other deliciousness and a bottle of whatever they wanted to drink. I’d even asked my mum to bring extra chairs as we only have six dining chairs but a massive EIGHT people were attending. The table was set, I’d printed off a list of discussion topics about the book and the prosecco was chilled. E was fast asleep in bed, R was in bed still awake; she was as excited about the book club as I was and had even made a sign for the window which read “Come and Read!” OH was out with his friends. All was going to plan.

By 8.15pm everyone had arrived and was seated at the table, beverage in hand and book at the ready. We began by saying if we enjoyed the book or not and why. I was relieved to hear that no one hated the book, although some of the girls said that they didn’t like the ending – too schmaltzy – not to give anything away but they basically all live happily ever after. I agreed. We Skyped my friend who couldn’t get a babysitter for the night but still wanted to join in and she gave her opinion AND pointed out a glaring inaccuracy in the book that I thought would be an excellent discussion point to take us further. Cheese was opened, more wine poured and laughter began to fill the room. All was going swimmingly. Until…..


Yes, reader, you guessed it; R was still awake and wanted in. Thus began my evening of attempting to hold interesting and intellectual discussions about books in between traipsing up and down the stairs or with one of my daughters on my knee. Turns out both of my girls wanted to join in the party – pretty much as soon as R had fallen asleep (thanks to my mum who eventually went and laid with her. Love you mum x), E woke up and wouldn’t settle back down until she’d been passed around a bit. FYI: trying to talk about books with a room full of women whilst a baby is in the same room is a non-starter. Just don’t even try it.

Eventually I settled E in my bed, checked that R was fast asleep and rejoined the group. At which point the first people got up to leave. *Sigh*. Anyway, despite my barbed sarcasm it was, in truth, a really nice evening (I hope); everyone enjoyed themselves simply chatting, getting to know each other and eating and drinking, which is what it was all about really. We managed to decide on the next book (The Humans by Matt Haig) and schedule our next meeting. It obviously wasn’t that bad if people want to do it again. Next time though, my OH is staying at home with the girls and someone else is hosting and I am doing (practically) no planning.

Superlucyj xx


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