My topsy turvy life

Sorry for the short hiatus. As the title suggests, I seem to have my life round the wrong way these days. Most people work all week and look forward to the weekend for a rest but not me, dear reader, not me. Most people dread the return of Mondays because it means they are back in the rat race but not me, dear reader, not me.

Shortly after having E, I signed R up for an extra dance class that she had been begging us to do. She was already doing ballet, tap and drama but all her dance friends were part of the dance school’s “Show Troupe” – a combination of all the other dance disciplines. Show Troupe get to perform at lots of different events in the local area and I knew that this would be something that R would love because, as mentioned previously, she is a hopeless show off just like her mother. I knew that Show Troupe would involve extra commitment and lots of running around; “it’ll be fine!” I told myself, “You’ll manage!” I told myself.

Well this weekend it was the first in a long line of weekends leading up to the summer holidays of Show Troupe weekends. There was lots of extra running around and I did manage but I have to admit that there were moments of, “Why am I doing this?” And, “What have I let myself in for?!” All doubt was very quickly dispelled from my mind though when R took to the “stage” (a school field) and performed her dance. I’m not ashamed to admit that I shed a few tears of pride, even though at one point she went a bit wrong. All the happiness and enjoyment that she got from those 2 minutes completely outweighed all the pain-in-the-arse moments like getting her there, getting her to rehearsals, stitching the costumes etc. I’ve told myself that I’m not going to be a pushy mum though and I’ve told her that the minute she stops enjoying it is the minute she stops doing it.

So here I am on a Monday morning; sitting in a darkened room while the baby sleeps still wearing my pyjamas. R has been fed, washed, dressed and packed off to school and as most of the rest of the world knuckles down to another working week I, dear reader, am going back to bed.

Superlucyj xxx


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