While the child’s away the parents will play


Traditionally I go to a Pilates class on a Tuesday. It’s called “Pulse” and it combines a cardio workout with traditional Pilates. It hurts, but I like it. I always feel a bit sorry for my teacher though, as the cardio usually comes in the form of star jumps or burpees and I need a new sports bra (I’ll move quickly away from this topic – if you know me you’ll know why this may be an issue – if you don’t know me use your imagination). As my OH had the day off and as R was going on a school trip and didn’t need picking up until 4.30pm, I decided to ditch Pilates and suggested to my OH that we take the dog for a nice long walk somewhere. He suggested Whitstable. I said yes. We went.

The first thing we did when we got there was have oysters on the beach. I love oysters and can’t remember the last time I had them as pregnant ladies aren’t supposed to eat raw shellfish, mores the pity, and until January this year I was pregnant. They were delicious. I  was quite late to the “I love oysters” party – I only tried one for the first time about 10 years ago  (Borough market. WOW.) – but since then I eat them whenever I can. There really is nothing like an oyster, and eating oysters on Whitstable beach is simply sublime.

After the oysters we walked along the front to Tankerton and we stopped and sat on the beach for a bit. I spent a bit of time skimming stones, one of my all time favourite beach activities (other than swimming), while my OH introduced the baby to the beach. She was suitably unimpressed. Our dog Bo, on the other hand, was having a lovely time indulging his two favourite pass times; sniffing and pissing. So, while Bo sniffed and pissed and the baby looked disparagingly at a few rocks, I skimmed. Skimming is great and I could’ve happily spent an hour or two at the shoreline searching for flat stones and then trying to find the perfect throwing angle to get a good skim. My technique was a bit lacking today though, I’m sorry to say, and after a few pathetic 3’s and one 4 I gave up the ghost and we decided to go and find somewhere for lunch.

We ended up in a place we’ve not tried before – an outdoor restaurant in the harbour with a stage for live bands. Today it was jazz! Crazy man!! They were actually very good and we sat happily listening to them while we ate our lunch and had a few cheeky glasses of Prosecco.

From there we whizzed up the High Street and nosed about a few of the lovely (yet ridiculously over priced) nick-nack shops. I bought some bone handled butter knives (I love them, they remind me of my Granny and have a million uses in the kitchen) and the OH bought a couple of presents for R to stop us feeling so bad for having such a lovely day at the seaside without her.

All too soon it was time to come home (a little pinker than when we left), back to the reality of the 4 bags of baby clothes still to be washed and put away and the 2 boxes of “memories” still to be sorted and consolidated. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.




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