A day in the life of a sleep deprived mum

sleep deprived

This morning, like every morning for the last few weeks, E has had me up at 5.30am. Seeing as she also woke me up at 2.30am, I did not leap out of bed when I heard her stirring. Funny that. I suppose I should be grateful as neither of my girls have been screamers upon waking; E, like R before her, wakes me up by smacking her lips together and then cooing a bit, before then starting to “tell” me all about her dreams. She always gives me a massive smile and a squeal of delight when I finally pop my head over the side of her cot and peer at her through my sleep-encrusted, black-ringed eyes. Despite all this loveliness from my lovely baby, I’m still always a little wistful about distantly remembered lie-ins or being able to wake up naturally instead of being woken up by E, R, my boyfriend, the dog or the neighbours. At this point I always cross my fingers and toes that she may go back to sleep again for a bit after she’s had some milk and a nappy change, that she isn’t up-up. Well, this morning I was lucky and she did go back to sleep until 7.45am. Huzzah! Thank heaven for small mercies.

After her morning nap (I have to admit, I joined her) I decided it was time to tackle the “loft”. Our bedroom is actually the loft but we’ve got a tiny corridor of crawl space between the eaves and our bedroom wall and I knew in there were valuable treasures like bags of clothes that belonged to R as a baby, as well as a load of my pre-pregnancy clothes. And I wanted them . So much so that I was actually willing to go in there and get them. Now, this is usually a job for my OH (other half), something I call a “blue” job for obvious (although quite sexist) reasons. I’ve been waiting for ages for the OH to do this job (he hates the loft) so I finally decided to get on and do it myself. I don’t blame my OH for hating it; it’s a horrible, dirty job which involves a lot of contortionism and no small amount of sweating. Anyway I got in, did the job, got out again and jumped straight in the shower. I felt great – the horrible job was finally done! – until I got out the shower and looked around my bedroom. For the one (massive vac-pack) bag of R’s clothes and one (small) bag of her shoes I put into the loft, I got out 4 (massive vac-pack) bags of baby clothes, a suitcase of my clothes, a (massive vac-pack) bag of my beautiful pre-pregnancy dresses (dear old friends! Will I ever fit into you again??) and 2 big boxes of “memories” for sorting and consolidating. Not to mention a trail of dirt and detritus that I brought out too attached to my clothes, hair and shoes. Sigh.

So, guess what I’m going to be doing with my the rest of this week (and probably the beginning of next week)? That’s right, I’m going to go out to lunch with some friends, do a Pilates class and play with my daughters. Because life’s too flipping short to do more than one big horrible job in a week when you’re a sleep deprived mum.

Superlucyj xxx


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