An introduction…

So, I’m writing a blog. I’ve been toying with the idea for sometime but, due to the busy nature of my life at the moment (see below), I haven’t gotten around to it. Well, things are starting to get a little less crazy so I’ve decided to bite the bullet and put metaphorical pen to paper. I’m always telling my students, “When writing, the best place to start is at the beginning.” With that in mind this first blog is going to be an introduction.

I’m Lucy, a 37 year old woman from the suburbs of London. My primary role in life is being a mum to my 2 beautiful daughters. My eldest (R) is 6 & 3/4 years old. She’s funny, quirky, intelligent, needy, hard-working, sensitive and loving. Just like her mum. She’s also a bit of a drama queen and prone to histrionics. Again, like her mum.

My youngest (E) is just 5 months & the main reason why life has been so crazy lately. I’m yet to discover all of her personality traits, but as far as I can tell from the short while I’ve known her, she’s a completely mellow and happy little soul with a slightly wicked sense of humour. Quite like her dad then. If she were a line graph, she’d be a horizontal line with occasional spikes representing short but intense meltdowns brought about by over tiredness, hunger and confusion. The line graph depicting R & me would be much more of a wiggly line, punctuated by similar spikes to E’s. Our graph would also be messier, with ink splodges & flower doodles in the corners. But, like I say it’s early days with E & I expect her graph will become more like ours as she ages & absorbs some of our personality traits.

My life as a mum is mostly great. I’m lucky enough to be spending a year with E at the moment on maternity leave. Our days are busy with a variety of activities and adventures. As with all mums though, there are some darker days brought on by loneliness, sleep deprivation, boredom, frustration, hormones and a multitude of other “barriers to happiness” (some workplace jargon there. Translation: things that piss me off). Writing this blog is my way of stopping the walls closing in. Free therapy, if you like. I also have writer-type aspirations which have also led me to blogging (more later).

My other (paid) job when I’m not primary carer for the girls is that of dedicated educator. Yep, you guessed it, I’m a teacher. And actually quite proud of it. When my maternity leave finishes (186 days, not that I’m counting) I’ll be returning to my year 5 classroom in a middle sized primary school in the ‘burbs for 3 days a week. Not the height of glamour & excitement I know but I frickin love my job. Unfortunately though, like most teachers today, I am very saddened by the direction the profession is taking (more later).

Part of my job is teaching writing and through this my aspirations of writing have come about (long story-more later). So much so that a few years ago I actually came up with a pretty good fiction short story/novel which, like many things in my life, (patchwork quilt, vegetable patch, ambition to beat PB for swimming a mile in the Thames – more later) remains unfinished. Another reason to write a blog then. Maybe I’ll actually finish a piece of writing that I start. Also, as many readers will know, the more you write the better you get so, here I am.

As well as being a mum, teacher, writer, swimmer, sewer and gardener i also have lots of other interests which I may blog about:
– reading (naturally). I’ve just set up a book club amongst my friends. This is not as nerdy as it sounds (although there is NOTHING wrong with being a nerd as long as you are a COOL nerd-more later). Seeing as I’m not getting out much these days i thought starting a book club would be an excellent way of bringing the party to me. All participants of my book club must bring wine and/or cheese or other delicious foods. I also dig poetry big time.
– films. Again – the whole “not getting out much” thing means I can watch a lot of films and I do. Oh yes I do.
– TV box sets. Ditto above. Recently enjoyed True Detective, Ray Donovan. Tolerating Hannibal. Looking forward to The Blacklist.
– drinking. Slowly moving away from “habitual binge drinker” and attempting to move towards “educated enjoyer of fine wines and interesting cocktails in moderation.” Not always succeeding at being the latter but you can’t knock a girl for trying.
– thinker. I spend a lot of time doing this and enjoy it immensely. More later.
– laughing. Not always doing as much of this as I’d like to but I’m one of those people who thinks it’s important to find humour in as much of life as you can.

So, upon starting this whole blogging experiment I was worried I’d not find anything to write about. Now, I’m having trouble stopping. But I will, otherwise who will feed the baby?! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my ramblings, please share it if you have, and I’ll be back anon with more.

Superlucyj x


7 thoughts on “An introduction…

  1. Fantastic read Lucy. Keep it up 🙂 thought about doing one myself … but the world is not ready for my stories yet!!!!

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